Hi, my name is Brooke!

absolutely love slime! I started selling slime at school in 2017 and it got so popular I started this website. Before slime became a trend I made hand scrubs, but slime just overcame my love and that is exactly why I started my business and website! I am also a member of my local Chamber of Commerce. 

I hope you like my slime as much as I do!

If you make a slime review video please tag @slimevillage101 or use #SlimeVillage101Review!

Est. September 2018

My Shipping Days

I try to ship as much as I can!




The days may change due to holidays and my schedule

How to keep your slime in good condition

Keep the lid on your slime! You don't want your slime to dry up!

When needed, add the appropriate ingredients whether it is activator or lotion


Eat the slime you purchased. This slime is not edible!


Stick the slime on furniture or clothing


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